The Giant Drop

A very cold morning in Fingal Bay, wearing track suit pants and jumpers.
We started the morning off with a body board the waves were a nice size for both Sammy and I, a nice clean take off with a little barreling wave.

A nice drive into Shoal Bay as we went to the shops.

It was time for me to have another Body Board I went out the back WMD were catching waves 5-6ft and from the front of the wave it was about 10ft it was fun.

After a good day in the surf we are now in bed on a very cold night.

Keep well,
Cheers Dylan

Christmas And New Year

Sorry about the blog have been very busy over the Christmas and New Year.

Back in December at Lennox Head we had a great time, I experienced some personal goals and believe I achieved them, out the back of Lennox Head surfing 1.5 metre waves which was pretty steep but fun and Mum says ” that it was an amazing wave.”

“Dyl” Hugo yells as my best friend sees me I run over to him and say a massive “G’day” to Hugo, Hayley, Ross and little Farrah.
I am so excited to see them.
We spent days and nights together, days at the beaches and sleepovers at night.

We arrived at Yamba on the 23rd of December getting to see Nan, Pop my two cousins Sass and William and Aunty and Uncle Shelley and David.

We surfed on Christmas Day which was very special there were surfing Santa’s and Dad got some pictures of a Santa, watching Surfing Santa’s on Christmas Day was cool.

Whilst a Yamba we did alot of surfing, mostly at Angourie but other beaches like Pippy Beach and Main Beach.

Spending New Year at Yamba with Nan and Pop was fun we had a good time in Yamba and can’t wait for next year.

Scotts Head, a place we have never been before, we didn’t know what to expect but it was magic, surfing at Scotts Head was awesome just the right size waves for everyone in the Family.
We met a very nice family Olivia (13), Mia (9) and there Mum and Dad Rob and Nicky, the girls and rob were pretty much locals and were good surfers, Mum and Dad enjoyed Rob and Nicky company.

A great time in Scotts Head and were sad to leave Scotts Head.
We are now at Fingal Bay our last Coastal stop it is pretty chilly down in Port Stephens but days ahead are looking a treat.
Sorry about no blogging, hope your well
Cheers Dylan

Out The Back

Yesterday I experienced going put the back on my body board and surf board.

In the morning we had 2 hours at the beach I was on body board out the back in the 2 metre waves, it was so much fun nut hard work getting out there.
Sammy and I mucked around in the shallows trying to catch some little barrells, I gave it another crack going out the back but only got 1 wave bit it’s still awesome fun.

A warm dip in Lake Ainsworth after a cold Lennnox Head 2 hour swim in the beach.

In the afternoon it was time for a surf, Reece and I went out the back I managed to catch a few waves but again 1-2 metre swell so it was hard work for someone who couldn’t duck dive but I can now.

A good day and very excited to see Hugo today can’t wait!!
Keep well, sorry if there’s no blogs in the next 4 days or so but I’ll try.
Cheers Dylan

Back To Byron Bay

I haven’t been able to blog for the last two days because of Family and Friends, Sorry for any inconvenience.

Over the last two days I have been back to Byron, Monday we went surfing as a family, we got some awesome waves and Sammy surfed very well, Mum says ” I have amazing balance on my surfboard”.

It was a good day at Byron Bay surfing with the Family.

Yesterday Aunty Heather arrived I went with Heather to her apartment and showed Heather around Byron Heather loved Byron Bay and also Heathers apartment is nice.
Heather and I had a great day and got a chance to watch some cricket the aussies looked like they were going to struggle at tea but then we were on the ball.

Reece and I went for a body board and I caught my biggest ever wave without getting smashed it as 2 metres big I felt awesome.

Very Happy about the mighty Aussies!!
Take care
Cheers Dylan.

Snake In The Lake

Today was a little bit scary because there was a red neck snake in Lake Ainsworth.

We didn’t surf today because of King Tides and scrappy winds.

Splashing around with Maggie, Matilda and Fi in Lake Ainsworth, paddling around on the G Board.

A good morning with the Prestons and played around with them.

We played in the Lake a few times today and one of those times we experienced a red neck snake, everyone ran out so we bolted in a hurry.

Cricket is looking good hopefully, we will win against Sri.Lankan

Cheers Dylan

The Perfect Wave

We have been trying to find the perfect wave for 75 days and we have finally found the wave and of course it has to be the lovely, hippy town Byron Bay.

Yesterday, Dad caught some ripper waves, Sammy caught alot of wicked waves and I did some tricks on my body board that I’ve never done before such as a full barrell and a bottom turn top turn barrel it was awesome.

The king tides were amazingly high reaching right up to the vegetation which is usually still 20 meters away from that area.

Today so far we have driven our longest so far, from Byron Bay to Lennox Head 20 minutes it felt awkward we are settled now and listening to the Aussies and just heard that 4 time runner up World Champion Joel Parkinson has won the Surfing World Champ so we are very happy so well done Parko.

Looking forward to a nice dinner with our friends Tezza and some of his friends tonight should be good.
Cheers Dylan

Dylan’s Dry Day

Today I had a dry day, I didn’t go in the water once, it felt different.

Dad and Sammy surfed, Sammy got some awesome waves and Dad also was showing off his moves to Tezza who came to visit for the day. The tide had been really strong so you have to catch a wave quickly.

An afternoon by the playground with at least 30 kids all around 5-16, they are nice and friendly.

Tonight is going to be a good night, hanging out with new kids.

Cheers Dylan

Big Wednesday

Byron Bay point, The Pass was going off, there were surfers everywhere, it was bigger and steeper than any of the days we’ve been here. We had a little go there but the current was very strong so we didn’t surf long but Dad says it’s the best 2 waves he’s ever caught.

We watched 2 boys from the caravan park Morgan and Jacob surf the point and they were very good.

I went out for a body board and was out there for about 1 minute and it took me about 300 metres across, it was very strong.

We just finished a lovely dinner enjoying a view of the ocean, it was magnificent.
I’m looking forward to some spot light tonight with all the kids in the caravan park, Mum and Dad used to do it when she was younger, back in the day.
Cheers Dylan

Clarkes and Sharks

Clarkes Beach Holiday Park is where we are staying at Byron Bay.

We walk into 1 of about 10 surf shop, Mum, Sammy, Sean and I were in Byron Bay, we got some stickers and I also got a pair of Ripcurl board shorts. We also enjoyed some Cold Rock and learnt some interesting things from the lady. She told us that Byron Bay use to be a real hippy family town now it’s like a backpackers heaven. She also told us that a man and a lady were on a honey moon and were going out snorkeling but it got called off because of sharks, but the man thought “I’ll be fine” and took his wife out thinking he’d be fine but he got eaten by a shark. There was also a young local boy got eaten by a shark. Recently a shark has been playing with the surfers off the point but its unusual for them to come on so far.

We went out for a surf and got some awesome waves. An afternoon at the caravan park, mucking around.

Hope you’re liking the blog.

Cheers Dylan

Park Fun

Jump, as Sean one of the kids jumped some stairs at the caravan park, I was filming him do it, we were just skating around the park.

After we had got sweaty we decided to go for a surf. Sean, Luke, Sammy and I all went out to the point at Byron Bay, we all went well and I had a go on Luke’s knee board, it’s hard to balance on but I managed to get a few waves.

We scooted around for the rest of the day and filmed each other and then we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the camp kitchen overlooking the lovely ocean.

Sorry about the late blog

Cheers Dylan.